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7 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Pipe Benders

9/30/2015 12:42:48 PM | by Kayden Ho

Pipe Benders

Pipe benders are tools that are utilized for constructing metal frames and bending of strong metals into different shapes and forms. These are usually man powered, hydraulic assisted, pneumatic powered or electric servo motor. With the employment of these pipe bending tools, working with a variety of metal becomes simple and easy.


One may think that pipe bending is not a necessity, but is so much more universal. Whether it is under the car hood, at a kid’s playground or even the safety railing at a shopping mall will give evidence of pipe bending. There are still countless more pipe bender facts people may not know. Some of these include:


1. Pipe bender tools have been employed for a long time, and they have undergone perfecting and tweaking until there are several types of pipe benders available on the market at present time – the hydraulic pipe bender, mandrel pipe bender, exhaust pipe bender, copper pipe bender, hilmor pipe bender, greenlee pipe bender, rigid pipe bender, etc. There has been a great amount of development in pipe industries, benders now come in different sizes, shapes and advancement to sustain today’s demands.


2. The materials that can be shaped with a pipe bender are copper, tin and aluminium. The more durable and heavier that metal is, the more likely it is for commercial pipe bender need. The most often commercial pipe benders used are the hydraulic and mechanical pipe benders.


3. All benders utilize one of the many methods. Ram bending or press bending is the simplest and least costly method. Pipe benders are employed at each end and a ram is used to bend the pipe in the middle. This is only utilized for pipes that are light in weight. Rotary draw bending is the most utilized method because it maintains the pipe diameter without warping. It is the method used in bending machines to form process pipes, exhaust pipes and for any stainless steel or aluminium projects that will not permit any interior warping. Ring roll bender is employed for shaping pipes with larger diameter. There are three rollers, two at the bottom and one at the top.


4. Aluminum pipe bending is the most difficult form since aluminum pipe is a hard material. It is best to bend the pipe exceptionally slowly to prevent deformation. Additionally, older pipe is more difficult to bend, and the pipes are susceptible to breaking.


5. If you want to replicate a certain type of tubing repeatedly without manually doing it, there is a machine that can do just that. This is called the CNC pipe bending machine and it can replicate any part programmed into it with high precision. It is run by computer software; it can operate by itself or with minimal human intervention.


6. There is a possibility of the innovation of a home made device which will provide the same functionality as the ones offered commercially. Nonetheless, such tools tend to handle light bending tasks that do not need complex technicalities.


7. Statistics have shown that the increase in the demand for pipe bender tools and some considerable evidence that the demand is sure to get even higher in the chart. This trend is based on the increased utilization of metallic items that has required more supply of pipe benders.

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